Top 5 Adult Dating Sites

Today we are updating our list of the 5 top adult dating sites. This is a monumental year in the fact that consumer demand in adult online entertainment has shifted away from adult dating sites to adult webcam sites.

Best of Adult Dating for 2022
Best of Adult Dating for 2024

This can be attributed to the fact that most people now realize with adult dating sites you are in fact purchasing a mere fantasy. The majority of people now realize as well that adult dating sites are filled with fake profiles.  Thus comparing the REAL interactions and sexual webcam services you get at fixed prices with live adult chat sites; people are finding adult webcams to be a superior value.

In our chart below you can easily compare features, costs, total members (and or cam model), and more. The comparison table covers all adult dating websites and the top cam sites. We link the adult dating site reviews within the table so you can driller deeper and learn more about the top adult dating sites for 2024, just as we did in prior years. However, it’s a true testament to the rigors of quality standards we place on adult dating sites that just 1 real adult dating site made the cut for 2024.

5 Best Adult Dating Sites for 2024

We decided to just focus on the top 3 adult dating sites and we are now listing adult chat sites with webcams alongside adult dating communities for the reasons outlined above.  You can also use our complete list of adult dating site reviews here for more information about 400 of the most visited adult dating sites online.

Site Comparisons
Adult FriendFinder - The only Legit Adult Dating Website we feel good recommending due to size of singles database
Best Adult Chat Place Online
Fun Live Webcams
(Adult Chat - Live Cams Site)
Total Members1.5 million members. biggest real adult dating site as of 9/23/237.8 million users *as of 1/17/23430,000 registered models.
Monthly Cost29.95
Totally free adult webcams chat with purely optional private shows.FREE - optional fully nude private webcam shows
ThemeAll Adult Webcams - better than dating since its all REALNon dating, strictly online entertainment.
Video Chatyesyesyes
Mobile Appyesyesno but works awesome on mobile without app.
User review average4.5 stars4.4 stars4.35 stars
Editor Reviews SummaryTop adult dating site for 2024 due to size.
AdultFriendFinder Reviews
Best value for those who have given up on adult dating which is for the most part not real.Lowest cost adult chat site with live interaction.
Overall Rank#1 - Top Ranked Adult Dating Sites 2024#2 Top adult entertainment site overall. Best Value for money.#3 Most popular adult chat site. Not adult dating but frankly better because it's real people.
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Getting what you pay for in Adult Dating

adult dating
adult dating

Those who have joined adult dating sites in the past will recognize this drill. First, you join for free, then a profile with a photo of attractive women sends a message. She happens to be local of course. You are then forced with a decision to pay for a premium membership to contact her. This is not only a scam, it’s fraud. However, it’s been allowed to go on for over a decade now with little action by the Federal Trade Commission.

Now that just about a potential customer has been burned one or more times with this type of scam people are realizing that to actually find dates on these adult dating sites they have to be massive in size and very active communities. The fact is there is just one such community online where in most people’s opinion you can meet enough members to get a date. That site is

Why Live Cams Are a Better Value

Live adult webcams give consenting adults a conduit to entertain one another. Whether it’s fetish fantasies or merely edgy chat, live webcam entertainment sites for adults are now among the most visited websites in the world, eclipsing online dating. With dating sites it has been shown time and time again in recent years that the formula for fraud is just to easy to duplicate.

What resulted was thousands of domain names leading to fabricated databases of supposed local singles. It’s a safe bet that about 10% of men in the United States at one point or another made what would be a donation of sorts to an adult dating site or online service of this nature; only to end up getting nothing in return.

The irony is most of these adult dating sites now pitch the live adult chat services that outrank them in our list of the 5 best adult dating sites above.

Of course, defining a dating site is up to the end-user, but our research shows men searching for adult dating more often than not are looking for casual sex, hookups, affairs, and flings. Considering this, the leading adult entertainment websites should be credited.

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