Welcome to the true authority on the top adult dating sites. Going back to 2013 and looking forward to 2019 we have updated this resource 42 times more than 7 times per year. Finally your honest place to check out sex personals and adult dating websites to see if they are legit, real, and safe or just another adult dating scam. See if the promises made on most of the top adult dating sites are going to be kept or if you are just being used for your personal information and as a pawn to be upsold on other offers.

Welcome to the List of Top Adult Dating Sites!

 Truth about sex personals sites.
We share the truth about sex personals sites.

How The Adult Dating Sites Review Process Works…

top adult dating sites
The so called top adult dating sites, are below but that just means they advertise. If your looking for those casual sex hookups, you’ll have to do a little reading and research…

In order to ascertain where there is value we have to complete the following steps for each site:

A REAL MEMBERS CHECK– First things first we do a cursory overview and throw out sex personals sites that we immediately note are full of fake profiles. We also look to make sure that the site has been in constant operation for at least 2 years. a 24 month minimum is required to make it into the adult dating site reviews database. Each site we treat the same way. There are no favorites based  on favors or partnership. We look at reviews like a science. Our opinion don’t matter as much as your experiences and what the facts tell us to be true. Don’t be a sucker, arm yourself with the information about which sex personals are truly the best so you don’t fall into the trap of tricksters claiming their site is one of the top adult dating sites.

It’s a 3 step adult dating site reviews process….

  • Step #1 – join the site, try the features and functions
  • Step #2 – Collect the membership information as far as total and active users, membership prices, and parent company information
  • Step #3 – report our finding and share it via social media while collecting actual user experiences.

That’s what we do! That is all we do. Adult dating site owners may dispute findings by using the contact us button above and providing proof of what they wish to dispute. If they are right we’ll correct the review. If they are wrong we will not. OUR SITE IF VERY SIMPLE AND STRAIGHT FORWARD. Consider this website your tool for seeing where you actually stand a chance at hooking up for flings, booty calls, affairs, and one-night-stands!

A-Z List of Active Adult Dating Sites as of 2018

 Our Top Ranked Adult Dating Site for 2018 is AdultFriendFinder and you can read why in our AdultFriendFinder reviews (review at that link). Currently the #1 ranked top adult dating site based on number of real and active members.

Largest sex dating site
We suggest the biggest sex dating site because your odds of meeting local singles for casual sex is best at this website.


The Shocking truth is not one other casual sex dating site met our quality standards. It’s endemic of the adult dating industry and the fact is most all the adult dating sites aimed at casual hookups are just girls baiting you into scams or adult webcam shows. With that in mind we believe adult cams are much more legit than adult dating and so we have started to evaluate these as well. Read our cam site reviews and actually get something for your money versus falling for another adult dating scam.



















The fact is there is no more detailed analysis of sex dating sites anywhere on the web. We tested and tried over 400 adult dating sites going back more than 6 years!