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5 reasons why you should be happy you are single!

Tired of all those people whining about how they want to be with someone? I can’t say I blame you. Check out our, ‘5 reasons why you should be happy you are single!’


Being single is often portrait as being sad, and always on the quest for love. Being single however has a lot of upsides too. Why should you be in love or in a relationship to be happy? We’ll give you 5 reasons why you should be happy that you’re single!

Flirting shamelessly

There is nothing as great as flirting, wherever you come. Whether it’s the library, the cocktail bar or the cinema, it just feels good to flirt away. Now there’s nothing stopping you from doing so, so why refrain from getting some blood pumping through your heart, together with some good old adrenaline? What’s the worst thing that can happen to you? Correct, a one-night stand. Flirt away!

Always leave the seat up

Ok, this one doesn’t apply if you’re a girl. But remember the days that you were young and always left the seat up? If you’re single, putting the seat down is nothing you should worry about. Leave the cap of the toothpaste, leave that empty bag of chips strolling around on the floor. Nobody cares (anymore)!

Being alone

Being alone can be a good thing. If you’re single, you do not have to go to the cinema, the theater or that lousy sports game. You’re free to stay at home and do nothing, all by yourself. Some peace and quiet can really brighten your day.

There are loads of great reasons to be single! SAVOR IT!
There are loads of great reasons to be single! SAVOR IT!

Get to know yourself

Being single gives you the opportunity to discover more about yourself than you ever knew. What do you actually like, what kind of hobby are you into? Maybe you’ll discover that you’re actually into chess instead of hockey. You’ll be surprised to find out to what degree you might have been fooling yourself in the past months or years. Get to know yourself!

Discover what you want

While you’re single, you have the time to lick your wounds if you just came out of a relationship. At the same time, being single can give you a much-needed perspective on what traits you’re looking for in a potential life partner. Think about what your type is, so that in the future you can’t go wrong anymore. A happy single is a single that knows what he or she wants!

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