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Adult Dating Site Scams A Growing Problem!

It seems like everyday there is a new online dating site advertised directly to everyone as catering to JUST THEM. These days it’s the sites that are adult in nature that seem to be growing at the fastest pace. As a matter of fact it also seems that webmasters are also driving much deep into both geo location and other cultures and languages heading into 2015. 

See which adult dating sites are just out for your money!
It’s images like this that adult dating site scams use! See which adult dating sites are just out for your money in the reviews!

What we are doing to fight adult dating site scams!

We cover all adult single websites and test and try each site to determine both how the various functions and features work but most critically, WHAT YOU REALLY GET WHEN YOU PAY FOR THE SITE!

That means exactly how many real local singles do they offer and what sort of female to male ratio exists? I mean stop to think about this for a minute before you commit yourself to forking over real cash for just the empty promises. REMEMBER, safety first means thinking rationally about things before you just trust what any old person is sharing online. Hence, just because the words, ‘Free’ or ‘Tons of LOCAL Singles’ is splashed across sites does not ensure that this statement is really accurate!

You cannot trust just anyone…

Considering the fact that very little, if any regulations exist when it comes to online dating sites the invitation exists for anyone with some basic coding skills to make a simple dating site with virtually no real members and then make any claims they want about that site.

Likewise, they seem to be able to state wild claims like, “You can meet local women for sex in minute”, without any consequence. As a result, ‘suckers’ and some everyday people are falling for these scams.

The latest adult dating site reviews: Updates for 2015!

2015, just judging by the sheer volume of casual sex and fling dating sites we are seeing, looks poised to be the year of adult dating sites. Our reviews on casual sex dating sites are for that very reason being expanded. We are focusing both on collecting the names of affair dating sites and new, ‘hookup’ dating sites. Thereafter we will be adding more and more of these sites to the growing database of reviews. Remember, you can also share your own experiences by using the ranking and reviews widget on each adult dating site reviews page!

Make it a safe and enjoyable year!

Here is the most up to date list of sites with reviews for each, update for 2015…

A – All adult dating site reviews are in alphabetical order for your convenience!


















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