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fbookhookups.com reviews, is it a scam?


fbookhookups.com membership costs, total members, & site features.

Our adult dating site reviews for fbookhookups.com reflect a unfortunate reality. That reality is the honest to god truth that the vast majority of adult dating sites are complete, OUTRIGHT SCAMS. We write exclusively about all adult dating sites, casual sex sites, and hookup sites here at Adult Dating Website Reviews and we always tell it like it is. There are JUST A FEW LEGITIMATE sites in this industry and thousands claiming to be as big as the few sites that really provide people with some value. (And I mean some!) First off, we are NOT AFRAID to call out the hundreds of adult dating website scams and fbookhookups.com is one of them. These days there are just a few actual, REAL ADULT DATING SITES.  Sites like fbookhookups.com bilk millions of dollars out of consumers every month. Here is how adult dating site scams plays out…


For most us of it plays out like this…

fbookhookups, more like empty my wallet instead!
fbookhookups, more like empty my wallet instead!

You are up late one night bored and suddenly you see a pop-under with some grandiose promise of horny, real local girls. Sound familiar? Or perhaps it’s a softer sell approach that you bump into; the mere suggestion the site has millions of women who are looking for casual no strings attached relationships? Sound familiar?  OF COURSE IT DOES! HERE IS WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW: While in their wording of the pitch on their home landing page they say the women are just waiting inside and all you have to do it join and pay a small one time fee for a monthly membership and you can start contacting them now, the truth is all those ladies are paid models. These fake profiles are typically as used to misrepresent the supposed female members. That is the drill and webmasters everywhere are now employing this widespread scam! Other signs of scams in adult dating  / things to look out for:

  1. They insert in small print that the ACTUAL inside profiles are paid actresses; NOT REAL members.
  2. Failure to disclose the REAL MALE-TO-FEMALE RATIO! (If you knew the truth about this ration you would suddenly realize that when you join (as even free member with no access to anything) you are in fact  just hanging out with a bunch of horny men. That is NO EXAGGERATION.  When you peruse these sites you are just like a fish circling a can of corn.
  3. Your local city is detected by your IP and displayed on-screen. That is a tactic to suggest the site is localized. IT IS NOT in 99.9% of the cases.
  4. The screen asks you a series of yes or no questions to make the level of resistance to registration even lower. (As if you cannot fill out a simple registration form)
adult dating site scams are on the rise, at AdultDatingWebsiteReviews.net we make the SITE PROVE THEIR WORTH!
Adult dating site scams are on the rise! Therefore at AdultDatingWebsiteReviews.com WE MAKE THE ACTUAL SITES PROVE THEIR WORTH BY PASSING OUR TESTS!

This is the S.O.P. or standard operating procedure that adult dating website owners are using and this is how they milk you for your hard-earned money! I’ve been researching adult dating site for YEARS and I can tell you these are the FACTS.

So what is a real adult dating site?

In our professional opinion, a REAL adult dating site is merely any site that offers consumers some fair measure of value in exchange for a membership fee. We define REAL value as follows:

  • A reasonable number of single members of both sexes. This is where 99.9% of these sites fail you!
  • Transparent billing – no undisclosed fees or re-billing unless properly disclosed.
  • Real Customer Support that is NOT OUTSOURCED
  • Fully functional features, with an active database. Again, the active database is where most all sites fail you because they do not even have enough members to populate the site. In most cases loads of the profiles are PURCHASED FAKE PROFILES! As an active blogger in the online dating industry I can tell you first hand that thousands of online dating sites buy profiles. As a matter of fact it is even now considered common practice for new adult dating sites to buy fake member profiles!

Adult dating sites like fbookhookups.com do not meet our test. Therefore, in our opinion fbookhookups.com is total scam. Howeverm they are not alone! Today in the U.S. and the U.K. as well as in other areas of the world webmasters are creating adult dating sites at a record pace. Since sites of this nature are vastly under-regulated,  sites like fbookhookups.com are getting away with making all sort of unreal claims. The only way to address the thousands of new domains that popup as supposed “large adult dating sites”, is to attack them in a aggressive way with a wide swath; much the same way they approach consumers. We help accomplish this goal by vetting the sites individually and then we drawing your attention to sites that have proven to be trusted adult dating sites; those that meet the bare minimums standards and do provide consumers with some real end user value. Those are FEW and FAR BETWEEN. As a matter of fact we have located over 1750 adult dating sites that we consider to be total scams. We are also adding more all the time. So let’s talk specifics about fbookhookups.com as far as membership costs, features, and total members.

fbookhookups.com membership costs / prices

Priced for memberships on fbookhookups.com were offered at different price ranges depending on from what country we tested this site. In the UK and the US the difference was minimal but it reflected some testing on the part of the site to see what consumers were willing to pay.

  • Again, this is yet another method that adult dating sites merely follow a recipe for mass manipulation of consumers. To most adult dating site owners, it’s just a matter of find a few fools who will fork over money based on being horny and lonely. We would not pay a dollar to be a member of fbookhookups.com .
  • The monthly premium membership averaged out to be $24.99.

fbookhookups.com total members

fbookhookups.com did not have millions of real members as we had heard. We also strongly suspected fake profiles and honey pots on this site. When we joined and tried this site we found dozens of pictures of what looked like models. In our opinion there was no way that that these ladies are actually ‘TRYING’ to find hookups here at fbookhookups.com . Models that look that good do not even join dating sites, let alone hookup dating sites.

fbookhookups.com features

  • Local search but only after you join (part of the wide scale bait and hook scam)
  • Winks (Don’t be surprised if a super model winks at you within 5 minutes of joining!)
  • Messaging / favorites functionality – basic options.
  • Members that appear to be, by any reasonable judgment FAKE AS HELL.

fbookhookups.com reviews conclusion

Like hundreds of other adult dating sites, fbookhookups.com does not have enough to offer a paying member to actually justify charging you ANYTHING to join their site. This is another example of a widespread epidemic of adult dating site scams. The angle that fbookhookups.com employs is that to grow big they have to make big false claims. That is of course backwards thinking. If you have 10k or 15k members that is what you should put on the site not huge made-up numbers. Likewise, it is best practice to disclose your REAL member photos and not bait new paying members with photos of models. For those reasons, fbookhookups.com is a SCAM. It does not deliver enough value for us to in good faith suggest this site! Currently their are two adult dating sites that have an engagement level that justifies enough value to reasonably charge consumers to be part of their singles community. The first of these three legitimate alternatives, all of which operate in a honest and transparent fashion is AdultFriendFinder.com. This is the oldest and largest adult dating site on the planet. It is owned by FriendFinderNetworks which is the largest niche dating company in the world. There are loads of copy-cats but that site is the real deal. The next adult dating community where you stand a reasonable chance at meeting singles for casual adult dating is BigButtsDate.com. These are the top adult dating and casual hookups sites. This is our second choice as the are spending heavily to populate their database and the database size is the key to providing a good user experience. Lastly, we always share a adult webcams site as well because oftentimes what you are looking for when you are looking at adult dating sites is simply casual, safe fun from home. The top site in this niche and one that we can feel good about suggesting is Streamate. The give you a completely free lifetime membership because enough people opt in for premium content that the lifetime membership is indeed free. You will have to verify age with a credit card but don’t worry as your are not billed unless you specifically seek out premium options. (It’s all clearly marked and you are in good hands there.)

For purely adult dating though, the best pick for an ACTIVE community of singles seeking casual hookups is AdultFriendFinder.com hand downs! fbookhookups.com has nowhere near as many members and as a result, their community a ghost town in comparison!

Besides these 3 sites, we cannot in good faith at this time suggest any others. If fbookhookups.com adult dating site can actually demonstrate they deliver reasonable value we will update this review. Likewise, if we got it wrong feel free to contact us with your REAL amount of members and we will happily update this review. However, we do ask for some verification as any site we suggest here must be able to justify a membership fee, otherwise it’s a scam. You can contact us at Support @ AdultDatingWebsiteReviews.com

Have fun and be safe!

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